It so happened that I took up photography pretty late — at the age of 35. It was just simple curiosity. "Will I succeed?”. Five years ago my younger brother bought a digital SLR camera. He took some pictures of his friends. The photos were so good that I was surprised that my brother who has entirely technical mind and no artistic affiliation made such photos. In that moment, I decided to take up photography… with his camera.

Almost at once I bought myself a digital camera, but soon lost my interest. I was more into medium format cameras, thus old Kiev camera outscored Canon20D in my own popularity rating. I’m still under magic spell of square pattern. At present I work with Hasselblad camera.

In the beginning I was mostly interested in people. Only a few years later I’ve tried to do landscape photography. Having no opportunity to get special training in photography in my native city, I searched the Internet to broaden my horizons in photography art.

Over the last years my perception of photography has dramatically changed as well as my own esthetic ideals. Today I ‘m less concerned about expressing model’s individuality, the shot composition and its form is more interesting to me, the interaction of models with each other and the outer world.

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